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Allnaturalproducts4life considers that the user privacy is very important. Here you can find a brief explanation about what info we are collecting and what we record on the site. You can also find out how we use your information as well.

Log Files

All websites on the web are harnessing the power of log files. These log the user visits on the website and they are integrated in the analytics service of our hosting providers. The information that you can find in these log files includes things like the ISP, browser type, the referring pages, number of clicks, IP address and the date. The reason we collect this is because we want to analyze various trends and see the demographic for our website. The IP address will not be linked to your name in any way. As a result, you can’t be identified via your IP or any other info listed in the log files.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Allnaturalproducts4life is harnessing the power of cookies in order to spot as well as store the preferences of each visitor. We are also recording user-specific information in order to make the process more appealing and interesting. We also use this in order to customize as well as personalize the web page for you!

DoubleClick DART Cookie

Google is a third party vendor and it uses cookies to share ads on Allnaturalproducts4life. Google uses DART cookies in order to share ads to the Allnaturalproducts4life visitors. On top of that, you can opt out of the DART cookie system simply by checking the Google policy site at

Advertising partners

We have multiple advertising partners and all of them can use web beacons or cookies on our websites. Some of our partners include Clickbank, Amazon, Avantlink and Google.

The third party ad networks or servers are using the technology in order to send ads directly to the browser. They will receive the IP address so they can deliver dedicated and local, content. Some other technologies may be used by these third parties in order to boost the efficiency of their campaign. We have no control or access to the means used to share and store the cookies by the third parties.

Third Party Privacy Policies

You need to read the third party ad server policies in order to understand how you can use their services, what limits they have and how you can opt out of various tasks and features. Allnaturalproducts4life has a privacy policy that applies solely to the site and it doesn’t apply to any services offered by the third parties. In case you want to disable cookies, you should do that via the browser options. Each browser has a dedicated Help section and documentation that tells you how to complete this process!

Children’s Information

It’s crucial to ensure that children stay protected in the online world. This is why we believe that guardians and parents should stay with their children and monitor their online activity. Allnaturalproducts4life will not collect any children data knowingly as well as any personally identifiable information for children under 13 years of age. If the parent/guardian also has their child using the site and he shared information here, contact us now and we will remove that as fast as possible!

Online Privacy Policy Only

Our privacy policy will apply solely to the online activities and it can be valid solely for the website visitors. It also focuses only on the info that is collected and shared here. This will not apply if the information is collected via other channels or offline!


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The Allnaturalproducts4life Privacy Policy was last updated in June, 2017.

In case we need to make any changes to the Allnaturalproducts4life privacy policy, you will find them here!