20 Best Natural Remedies for Headache

Best Natural Remedies for Headache

Headaches come from many different sources. They can be very annoying, and despite there are many new drugs to treat them, it is much better tob find a natural solution. This is why we gathered 20 natural Remedies for headache. Some of them are suitable for particular headache pains, while others are generic. Find the one that suits you. We are confident that one of these recipes will be of most use to get rid of your headache pain.

Natural Remedy #20 – Apply Peppermint Oil all over your Hairline

Whenever you have a headache caused by tension, it feels like if your head is being squeezed. All your muscles contract, and press the bones of your skull, causing pain. Most times, this type of pain feels as if it was running from one ear to the other. You may experience pain like the one we just described when you don’t sleep well. Either case, a good solution is to apply peppermint oil all over your hairline and up to your neck. It will help to relax the muscles that are pressing your head and relieve pain.

This is also one of the cheapest natural Remedies for headache you will find. You can get this sort of oil for less than 10 dollars, and it will last for years!

Natural Remedy #19 – Acupoints to relieve a headache coming from a Toothache

One of the most annoying headaches you can have comes from a toothache. It is one pain unleashing another pain. In sum, they are unbearable. For this sort of pain, relieving the toothache will kill your headache as well. This is one of the indirect natural Remedies for headache.

The acupoints to get rid of a toothache are in your hand. You can do this yourself. Just apply pressure to the base of your thumb where it joins to the index finger. Do this for two minutes, and the pain will be significantly reduced if not disappeared. It should take some more minutes for a headache to be gone completely.

Natural Remedy #18 – The Cold Solution

All sort of headaches can find relieve if you apply the cold solution. Get a pack of ice and cover it with a clean cloth or towel. The objective is to protect your skin while you use the package on your head. Then, put the pack of ice where you feel the most pain. When the pain comes from all over your head, then put the ice on the back side of your head, right above your neck. That is a good point because many nerves converge there. You will cool them, sending relieve to your head overall. Try to keep the ice for the longest time. You will experience immediate relief.

Natural Remedy #17 – Coming from Ancient Times, Feverfew

In Greece, Feverfew has been known as one of the most efficient natural Remedies for headache for ages. Besides headaches, it is also used to treat inflammation, swelling, and fever. It grew originally in the Balkan Mountains but has been spread all over the world.

You can prepare it as a tea with a combination of stems, flowers, and leaves. However, you may also find it as an extract in natural stores, or even as a food supplement.

Natural Remedy #16 – 4 ways to use Ginger for your Headache

Ginger can be of must use when it comes to headaches. There are 4 ways to use natural Remedies for headache based on ginger. Depending on which presentation of ginger you have at hand, chose a different treatment. If you find ginger juice, then you will need some lemons. Mix it in equal parts and have some tablespoons of the mixture two times a day. When you have at hand ginger candies also known as crystallized ginger, you can have up to two pieces per day. They should help you to relieve pain.

Finally, if you have ginger powder, there are two ways to use it. The first one is by boiling it in water and smelling the steam. Just be careful with the hot water while you are performing this remedy. Another option is to prepare sonth. This is the paste obtained when mixing the dry ginger powder with some water as follows: for each ration of ginger, add two rations of water. Put the resulting paste on your forehead for up to 10 minutes to relieve pain.

Natural Remedy #15 – A Topical Solution with a Great Scent: Lavender

Use lavender in the form of oil. It will make you smell good as it relieves your headache. You can take some drops to give massage to your forehead. Other ways to use it as natural Remedies for headache is to apply it to your bathtub or to a foot bath. When it is mixed with hot water, lavender will help you to relax. With a couple of drops of lavender oil per liter of water, boil and take deep breaths of the resulting steam. Or you could simply take a smell from the lavender oil bottle to make you feel better.

Natural Remedy #14 – Acupuncture Sessions

This sort of natural Remedies for headache helps when it is present but is even better for prevention. People suffering from migraines and chronic episodes of headaches coming from tension will be the most benefited. Look for a certified acupuncturist professional to perform the sessions. Since a migraine and headaches are very common, you will even find a specialized acupuncturist in headaches. They are the best to treat it because they have a lot of experience locating the right points to apply the needles and get your energy flow back on track.

Natural Remedy #13 – Cayenne, the Spicy Natural Remedy

Cayenne has been closely studied to treat inflammation and pain. Cayenne has a substance named capsaicin. It is one powerful inhibitor of a substance that causes pain. The capsaicin substance is used to produce medicine. As for cayenne used as natural Remedies for headache, it can be applied to the nasal area to decrease a sharp pain. To use cayenne, you need to dilute it in water. Use half a teaspoon of cayenne in powder form for every 4 oz. of water. Warm the water and then put the cayenne powder. Make sure it is diluted and then soak a cotton pad, making sure it gets the powder. Then put the cotton pad inside your nose and take a deep breath. You will feel like burning inside. However, this unpleasant sensation will soon pass, and you will feel how the pain is relieved.

Natural Remedy #12 – Watch what you Eat!

Certain foods will promote a migraine and other types of headaches. A recurrent problem can even be related to an allergic reaction to a particular food you are eating. Observe which are the times when you get the headaches carefully, and try to connect it to something in your diet. Maybe, just getting rid of the meal that is causing you pain will solve the problem. This would be the best natural Remedies for headache since it will eliminate the root cause.

If there is no link, there are still certain things you can cut off or at least reduce your intake. For example, chocolate, peanut butter, avocados, citrus, bananas, and onions. Meals that have MSG and nitrates are not welcome, like bacon and sausages. Fermented and pickled food should also be avoided. You can look for the trigger among these foods, and if you find it, then you know what should you replace in your diet.

Natural Remedy #11 – Improve your Magnesium Intake

Several studies show that people who have constant headaches are short on magnesium. Therefore, the logical, natural Remedies for headache is to eat more magnesium. You could have it in the form of food supplements and capsules, but it is best to go natural and look for daily meals rich in magnesium. Some examples of what you can eat to get more magnesium in your body include nuts, seeds, whole grains, and beans. Green veggies are also good sources of magnesium, making broccoli outstanding. Other sources, but not so recommendable, can be chocolate, meat, and coffee. If you are not eating enough (or any) of these meals, consider adding them to your daily diet.

Natural Remedy #10 – Correct your Posture as you reduce your

Headaches with a Chiropractic Therapy Chiropractic will be of most use when you want to reduce your headache. It works on free radicals, restoring whatever oxidative stress is damaging your body. Also, the manipulation of the dorsal spinal which is directly connected to your brain has shown incredible results reducing headaches. At least half of the people using these techniques reported a lot of improvement in their headache conditions. Up to 90 percent of the people who tried chiropractic therapy reported some sort of improvement, making it an excellent alternative choice.

Natural Remedy #9 – Self Massage in the Scalp Zone

If you are looking for natural Remedies for headache that you can do on your own, this will be of your most interest. You could do a self-scalp massage, and get relief of a headache. This technique is mostly used for migraines. Another area you can self-massage is the zone you find on your back, where the skull joins the spine. According to the scientifical studies, there is where the occipital nerve is located. By stimulating this nerve, you can reduce pain coming from a migraine.

Natural Remedy #8 – Eat Almonds

Almonds are just the size of a pill, but they are one of the most efficient natural Remedies for headache. If you are used to pills, change it for almonds. They are very useful when your headaches are caused by stiffness, mainly coming from stress. This natural product has salicin. This substance that is known to be a painkiller, being one of the active components of aspirins. It has been used in many other products to kill the pain. Whenever you feel like a headache is about to start, use one serving of the almonds you can hold in your hand. That should prevent a headache from happening. Beware of almonds if you suffer a migraine. Despite the benefits of almonds as a pain killer for stiffness headaches, they can act against you in the case of a migraine. Some people’s migraines are triggered by almonds.

Natural Remedy #7 – Head Massage to Relieve Pain

Massage again is one of our natural Remedies for headache, listed number 7. If you ask for a third person to give you a massage, this can give you relief, at least temporary. A full head massage can also reduce the severity and frequency of headaches in people suffering migraine. The massage should start in the temporary area of the front of your head, and from there go to the back head, neck, shoulders, and back. All these areas are closely related because the nervous system has significant connections at all these points.

A professional massage given by a licensed person will be best. They are versed in where to find your reflex points so that pain is actually relieved. People who have participated in studies related to headaches and the benefits of massage also reported an improvement in their sleeping cycle. The benefits are the direct result of the more calmed mood due to the resulting relaxation from the massage.

Natural Remedy #6 – Apples and derivate Products

A simple apple can help with headaches. If you eat it when it comes, and then drink a glass of warm water, your condition should improve. Other natural Remedies for headache related to derivate products from apple are prepared with apple cider vinegar. It can restore the balance between acid and alkaline content inside your body. There are two ways to use apple cider vinegar. The first one is ingested, in a sort of tea. Prepare a glass of water with two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. Then add honey and some lemon juice.

You can drink a glass up to three times per day to improve headaches. In particular, if your headaches are caused by sinus, the second way to use apple cider vinegar will be of most use. Prepare a saucepan with half a cup of water and half a cup of apple cider vinegar. Boil it until steam comes out of the mix. Remove it from the heat and go to a comfortable place. Take the saucepan carefully and inhale the vinegar’s steam coming out of it. You will feel an instant break from the pain.

Natural Remedy #5 – Mentone and Menthol coming from Mint

Mentone and Menthol are two of the main ingredients on Mint. They both have interesting properties fighting headaches. That is why they are used in certain drugs, but you can also get the benefits of natural Remedies for

headache. The best way to use mint is to prepare hot compresses of mint tea. Apply these to your forehead. You will feel an ironically fresh sensation as the hot compress is applied. The sole smell of mint is going to feel comforting too.

Natural Remedy #4 – With Willow, you make use of a Natural Aspirin

If you are prone to having an aspirin whenever you have a headache, why don’t you go for the natural alternative? There are natural Remedies for headache in which salicin is found in a natural way. One of them is willow, which is a tree from Europe that can also be found now in Asia, the United States, and Canada. The use of willow to treat headaches comes back from the times before Christ. Hippocrates reported the use of willow extensively.

At first, the bark of willow was used simply chewed. It released its beneficial substances that acted to ease inflammation and fever. Then, it was prescribed for centuries to treat not just headaches, but also arthritis related diseases, tendonitis, and even back pain. As for now, you can find willow in the form of a chewable bark. It seems that chewing it is still the way to get its benefits.

Natural Remedy #3 – The Power Nap

Resting is good advice when you are going through a headache episode. Take a power nap, and in most cases, you will feel better when you wake up. To enhance the results of these natural Remedies for headache, take a warm shower first so that you relax before napping. To take a nap find a quiet place where you can rest. It is better if it is a dark room or with a little light. If it is during the day, close the curtains.

To take your nap, close your eyes and relax, with a particular focus on realizing the accumulated tension on your back. If it is hard to concentrate, try doing something different that distracts you and help to relieve stress is also advisable. For example, you can take a long walk. As you do it try not to focus on the pain. That way you are going to feel much better.

Natural Remedy #2 – Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is an excellent way to relax. As a consequence, it can ease headache pain that comes from stress. A cup of chamomile should be enough. A lot of brands that offer chamomile tea in the form of tea bags. However, if you can find the actual herb, it would be much better. Brew the flowers for 10 minutes to prepare the chamomile blend. Then, look for a place to enjoy your tea. If you prefer it, you can add some sweet. The best would be to put honey instead of sugar. Sip your tea slowly and feel how it takes away some of the tension you are carrying over your shoulders.

Natural Remedy #1 – Caffeine in Natural Forms

Many painkillers make use of caffeine. Why don’t you get it from natural Remedies for headache? Caffeine comes in many different natural presentations. Historically, it has been used to treat headaches, along with an extensive list of other diseases. You can find caffeine in coffee, some teas, like green tea, and mate. Just beware, because, for some people, caffeine is the trigger of their headaches.

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