30 Best (Natural) Constipation Home Remedies

Constipation Home Remedies

We all have been constipated at some point of our lives. That is not something to be proud of. It is not a common conversation topic with friends, family or colleagues. If people were more open about constipation home remedies, then there would be less constipation issues. What I am trying to say is that most times, constipation is promoted by the embarrassment, and the excessive use of chemical laxatives can make it worse.

The best to treat constipation are natural constipation home remedies that we all can follow at home. There is no need to visit doctors and get drugs if we can get rid of constipation with easy natural solutions. On this article we will give you 30 constipation home remedies you can use whenever you are having troubles on the bathroom.

Constipation Home Remedy # 30. Pure Olive Oil

Olive oil can work wonders on your digestive system. It is excellent relieving constipation. Pure olive oil will serve as a lubricant to let everything flow. Your colon will start moving as the olive oil gets into your system. This is one of the best constipation home remedies to get rid of what’s stuck inside, and if you add it to your regular diet, it can serve to prevent constipation. If you are having issues discharging, have a tablespoon of olive oil early in the morning before you have breakfast. Make it a habit to regulate until you regulate your system.

Home Remedy # 29. A 20-minute Daily Walk

Indeed, exercise will promote the correct function of your digestive system. Make sure you are having at least a 20 minute daily walk (or the equivalent). If you have a sedentary life, then your intestine and guts get lazy. They work slower, thus causing constipation. The best to reduce the symptoms in such case is to start moving. You don’t have to go crazy with a strong workout routine. 20 minutes walking consistently each day are more than enough. Try adding this walk to your daily routine, to go to work, shopping, or to have lunch walking.

Home Remedy # 28. Sesame Seeds

Oriental food is full of ingredients like sesame seeds that reduce constipation issues. They can be used as a delicious option of constipation home remedies. There are many ways to use sesame seeds. For example, you can use them as the crunchy ingredient of your salad. Use sesame seed powder for seasoning your food or mix it in your coffee to get the benefits.

Home Remedy # 27. Water

Simply drink plain water. Water is needed to soften the stools in your intestines. You will promote your digestion, and clean your body with a glass of fresh water. To avoid constipation issues (or to solve your current problems), make sure you are drinking 2 liters per day.

Home Remedy # 26. Oat Bran Cereal

Oat bran cereal is one of the favorite choices for breakfast. It is also one of the greatest constipation home remedies. It contains a high amount of fiber. But with constipation, not all fiber is good. Oat bran cereal in particular is the kind of fiber you want to have to eliminate and prevent constipation. It promotes the production of softer and more consistent stools. Soft fiber works as a sort of paste, absorbing water to eliminate your stools in a better way.

Home Remedy # 25. Lemon

Lemons have a wide list of benefits, including constipation relief. This is one of the most popular constipation home remedies. You may have lemon alone, just with warm water (Constipation Home Remedy # 27). If you cannot bare the taste, add honey (Constipation Home Remedy # 22) to sweeten the mix. The warm water will enhance lemon’s properties. Obtain the best results by having a glass of this mix early in the morning before you eat anything else. You may repeat it in the evening, after dinner. Lemon is also a favorite ingredient to be mixed with other natural things. A popular choice is using pure olive oil (Constipation Home Remedy # 30).

Home Remedy # 24. Prunes

Prunes are the greatest constipation home remedies. They work by softening the stools, which helps to discharge them. Just beware because eating too many prunes may cause diarrhea. Go slow and eat just two. You may eat one or eve two more, but no more than that. You should see results within hours.

Home Remedy # 23. Castor Oil

Another great oil that works as constipation home remedies is castor oil. This is not as popular, but works wonders on your intestine. The effect it has promotes the intestine movement, helping to get rid of anything that is stuck inside. Take a full spoon of oil before you eat. You should see the benefits in the privacy of the bathroom around 8 hours later.

Home Remedy # 22. Honey

Honey is a sweet constipation home remedies. It has laxative benefits that are not too aggressive. A tablespoon every 8 hours should do the magic. You may also add it to a cup of tea, or mix it with lemon (Constipation Home Remedy # 25).

Home Remedy # 21. Psyllium Seeds

Prepare psyllium seeds in a sort of tea to promote vowel movements. Mix a couple of teaspoons in hot water and wait for a couple of hours. Then drink it. To enhance the flavor and the effectiveness of this beverage you may add lemon (Constipation Home Remedy # 25) and honey (Constipation Home Remedy # 22). With the right quantity, you may find this brew tasty as it is beneficial for your constipation issues.

Constipation Home Remedy # 20. Flaxseeds

More seeds on our list. Flaxseeds have the right fiber content, and they add omega-3, which is also beneficial for your health. Flaxseeds used as constipation home remedies alone are not common, but you may use them as a complement to aid other remedies. Use flaxseeds with fresh fruit during breakfast. You may also add them to any smoothie along the day.

Home Remedy # 19. Beans

Despite beans are well known for producing gases, it is a fact that they add benefits to your efforts against constipation. They are excellent to prevent constipation issues. If you have them as part of your regular diet, along with other legumes, you will not suffer severe constipation issues again.

Home Remedy # 18. Lentils

Just like beans, lentils add fiber to your daily intake. The total amount of fiber you need to work fine are 35 grams. The problem with modern diets is that they are usually around 30% short or even more. That is what causes constipation. If you eliminate the cause with constipation home remedies like lentils, then there will be nothing to worry about.

Home Remedy # 17. Prune Juice

Just like prunes, prune juice will work to promote your digestion. The drawback of prune juice is that you are not adding fiber, which is generally the cause of constipation. However, the liquid can serve a lot to soften any stuck stools. Get a glass of prune juice and wait for two to three hours. If you are still not visiting the bathroom, then you may have another glass. Keep up with this routine until you get positive results. Be very cautious with prune juice, because if you have too much, you may get gases, bloating, and even diarrhea.

Home Remedy # 16. Fennel Seeds

To use fennel seeds as constipation home remedies, you must grind and sieve them first. They are excellent natural options as an aid for bloating, indigestion, the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, among other gastrointestinal diseases. Taking half a teaspoon of fennel seed powder everyday mixed with a glass of warm plain water should be enough to keep your bowel under control. You may get fennel seeds and do the drying, roasting, grinding, and sieving yourself. Another option is to get fennel seed powder directly from the store and save you the trouble.

Home Remedy # 15. Nuts

Nuts are an excellent way to get soluble fiber, which is needed to soften your stools. Using nuts alone as to relieve constipation is not recommended. However, they are the perfect complement to any of constipation home remedy on our list. You may add nuts to your meals like fruits or salads. It is also an excellent choice to eat with yogurt or to blend in your smoothie. You may also eat them alone as a mid-day snack.

Home Remedy # 14. Cod Liver Oil

Another great oil used as constipation home remedies is taken out from cod liver. This is not the most delicious remedy. Like other oils, you can take a tablespoon early in the morning before you eat any meal. Another drawback is that it has a strong scent. If you cannot stand the taste or scent, then skip this remedy and move on to another one. Nevertheless, to overcome the strong flavor and smell, you may look for a cod liver oil brand with no odor. It is as effective as the regular version.

Home Remedy # 13. Blackstrap Molasses

If you have a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses before you go to sleep, you will feel much better in the morning. As you rest, the blackstrap molasses does their magic in your bowels, promoting the necessary movements to take everything out. In addition, blackstrap molasses has other nutrients that will be of most use to your health. Mostly, you are getting magnesium, minerals, and vitamins.

Constipation Home Remedy Avocado
Natural Constipation Home Remedy Avocado

Home Remedy # 12. Check your Discharging Position while you are in the Bathroom

This is not something everyone talks about, but it may help a lot. The natural position to evacuate is more a squatting position than the regular sitting way on modern WCs. To enhance your position in a more natural way, you may add a step at your feet side. That way you will put your pelvis in the right position, with your hips flexed so that the bowel movements and evacuation are more natural.

Home Remedy # 11. Coffee

There are mixed opinions about coffee. Some people will not recommend you to drink coffee when you are going into a constipation phase. However, there are benefits with drinking coffee. The caffeine on this delicious beverage can stimulate naturally your digestive system. To get the benefits of caffeine, beware on the quantity. Having up to a couple of cups each day is healthy. Anything over that number is going to be harmful. The excessive amount of caffeine inside your body will act as a diuretic, and despite you will go to the bathroom more often, it will be just to pee. The problem with peeing too much is that you are getting rid of the liquids that you need to soften your stools, thus causing dehydration.

Home Remedy # 10. Oranges

Oranges are a great source of fiber. They are also tasty and you may have them mixed with other things we already discussed in other constipation home remedies. If you are having oranges in juice, then make sure you get the pulp, since it is one of the most beneficial parts to fight against constipation. If you go for orange juice to relieve your constipation issues, then you may add any oil we mention on this article. One of the most popular choices is flax seed oil (Constipation Home Remedy # 20.).

Home Remedy # 9. Aloe

Despite aloe’s properties are more related to the skin, it can also play wonders inside your digestive system. It will relieve any damage inside, promoting good health and thus relieving constipation. Assuming you have been constipated regularly or for prolonged periods of times, you will get a lot of benefits from aloe. It will relieve small burns and cuts that are common with constipation. You may drink fresh aloe juice or use edible pure aloe Vera gel.

Home Remedy # 8. Baking Soda

Baking soda is used for cleansing everything, from your body to your home. It has a lot of applications, and it is not just one of the traditional constipation home remedies, but also a multipurpose substance before the chemical era invaded us. The main component of baking soda is bicarbonate that has impressive results with constipation. The effect of baking soda is that of deflating any trapped air inside your intestines. That will relieve pressure, improving the bowel movement efforts to get rid of any stuck stools. Baking soda also helps to rebalance the PH inside your stomach, alkalinizing it and neutralizing any extra acidity you may have inside. A teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in half a cup of water will do the magic. Drink it in one shot.

Home Remedy # 7. Dandelions Tea

Dandelions tea is one of the preferred choices by herbalist. It has not a very pleasant taste, but you can improve it with honey (Constipation Home Remedy # 22). This is a gentle laxative for mild issues that brings other benefits. Dandelions tea is an excellent detoxifier. If your habits include eating mostly processed foods, you can benefit from Dandelions tea’s detoxifying properties. Add exercise (Constipation Home Remedy # 29) and a lot of water (Constipation Home Remedy # 27) to get better results and take advantage of the detoxification.

Home Remedy # 6. Epsom salt

Epsom salt has been among the most popular constipation home remedies for ages. This is the sort of substance your grandmother would recommend. Now we know why it is useful, by understanding the effect it has in our bodies. It is very effective because it gets water to your system so that the stools are softened. It has magnesium, that promotes contractions that help to evacuate. Just salt would miss this important step which makes Epsom salt an excellent home remedy to relief constipation. Drink one cup of warm water (Constipation Home Remedy # 27) mixed with a couple of Epsom salt’s teaspoons. You should get positive results in around 4 hours. If you don’t you may repeat the dose once.

Home Remedy # 5. Avocadoes

Avocados have a lot of fats that act as lubricants in your bowels. The sort of fat in avocadoes is good to your health, even when you are controlling what you eat. You may add avocadoes to your daily greens to have fiber along with this delicious vegetable.

Home Remedy # 4. Plain Yogurt

To promote the health of your gut flora in your digestive system you need good bacteria. Yogurts add these sorts of bacteria aiding your digestion. As a consequence, foods are processed better. It also aids against constipation, reducing the severity of the symptoms. A plain yogurt with probiotics is the best choice to add to your everyday breakfast routine.

Home Remedy # 3. Milk of Magnesia

Milk of magnesia is an osmotic laxative that will promote evacuation. It works by holding fluids inside your intestine with sugars that are non-absorbable like sorbitol. Milk of magnesia will also draw other fluids coming from nearby blood vessels and other internal tissues. All the extra fluids help to softener your stools and let them pass, making it one of the preferred constipation home remedies of all times.

Remedy # 2. Mint Tea

Mint tea is a delicious choice, and also a perfect natural option to relieve constipation. It helps a lot with all sorts of digestive issues. The active ingredient in mint is methanol, which has a strong antispasmodic effect. It acts just as certain medicines relaxing your muscles and promoting the better evacuation. Think of it as a natural choice to warm up your bowel muscles. As mint helps on relaxing them, you will feel the urge to evacuate soon. Naturalists recommend mint to improve slow digestive systems, and a hot beverage adds points to this remedy. You may add lemon (Constipation Home Remedy # 25) or honey (Constipation Home Remedy # 22) to enhance mint’s results.

Constipation Home Remedies # 1. Just go to the Bathroom as soon as you feel it!

One of the most common sources of constipation is self-containment. Believe it or not, you just have to go to the bathroom as soon as you feel it. Listen to what your body has to say. Don’t hold it, and all natural constipation home remedies will prove to be very effective. In the end it all turns into a vicious cycle that is hard to break. When you promote evacuation with these home remedies, make sure you don’t fall again in unneeded restrictions that your body resents later, turning in annoying constipation situations.

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